Tips for Successful Sealcoating

Tips for successful sealcoating

Sealcoating is a necessary step in the maintenance process of your asphalt pavement.  Sealcoats are engineered products that require a project be led by an experienced professional that has knowledge of the various performance properties of sealcoats. This professional is imperative for assessment of your specific asphalt pavement needs. Overseeing the project, implementing a strategy, and ensuring a properly managed execution of the project ensures you receive the most optimal sealcoating protection with any project you may have.

What Sealcoating Does

Sealcoating is a barrier coat between asphalt surfaces and destructive elements that can damage these surfaces.  Some of these include ultraviolet rays, gasoline, oils, salts, and fat. Sealcoating works by retaining the important properties of asphalt (such as waterproofing and flexibility).  The sealing prolongs pavement life and preserves those important functional properties.  Pavement is a major investment, and It has been determined that sealcoating extends pavement life by over 300%.  Most importantly, this process is only one-third the cost of replacing your pavement.


If you are interested in determining whether sealcoating your pavement is the right option for you, please call us at Hill Country Sealcoat so our professionals can answer your questions and ask you for some basic info to advise you whether a scheduled on sight analysis is right for you,  From there, we’ll draft a proposal with a quote and outline of the services suggested for your project completion;  Home visits, assessment of needs, and a quote are always free.  Don’t hesitate to call us here at Hill Country Sealcoat, where we work for you.

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