4 Tips For Quality Asphalt Paving

Have you ever noticed that some asphalt paving looks great for years, while some deteriorate quickly? What causes asphalt installations to behave so differently?  The answer lies in the proper materials, preparation, installation, and care of the asphalt itself. Your asphalt surfaces perform an important task. So do the job right the first time and you will save yourself tons of trouble down the road.  Here are four tips to help ensure your asphalt paving project looks great and lasts for many years to come.

Choose a Reputable Asphalt Paving Contractor

The Installation of asphalt surfacing requires heavy equipment and specialized training, so the first tip is to select a knowledgeable contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as:

  • Do they have expertise in this specific type of project?
  • Can they provide references?
  • Are they bonded and insured?

Site Preparation

Secondly, it is important to ensure proper site preparation.  Discuss project requirements (size, steepness, stairs, ramps, etc.) with your contractor. He will need to prepare the site by ensuring the existing surfaces are all structurally sound, clean, and level.  It is possible for new asphalt to be overlaid atop existing blacktop. But depending on its current condition, it may require removal.  Remove vegetation from the project area, excavate, and compact the soil. When the site is ready, a gravel or asphalt base will be added.  Last, the liquid paving will be poured.

Let it Cure

The third tip is simple – let the surface cool and cure properly.  Nothing should touch it during this time.  Your contractor will guide you, but usually, 1-2 days are needed.

Seal It In

Properly sealcoating the surface is critical – it protects the asphalt and helps avoid cracks and potholes. Here’s more information:

Sealcoating Tips and Benefits

Sealcoating Overview

Sealcoats also need to cure for 24-48 hours after application.

We hope you find these four keys to a successful asphalt project helpful!  Getting the right contractor, preparing the site, properly curing, and properly sealcoating will give you lasting functionality.

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  • Millie Hue

    It really helped when you said that the curing process should take about 1-2 days as per the instruction of the contractor, so nothing should be touching it by then. I will keep this in mind since we have to get our driveway paved this weekend. It has been damaged over time because it hasn’t been touched ever since I was born in this house. So I have decided to get it paved already. Thanks for the tips!


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