Parking Lot Maintenance For Porous Asphalt Pavement

It is important to maintain the parking lot pavement for your property. Maintaining porous asphalt pavement, commonly used in parking lots, prevents the surface of the pavement and the underlying infiltration bed from clogging with fine sediments. With proper routine maintenance, the porous asphalt can last effectively for 20+ years.

Asphalt Vacuuming

We recommend against simple broom sweepers for porous asphalt maintenance. Instead, vacuum your parking lot pavement surface at least twice a year with a vacuum sweeper. The vacuum sweeper’s high volume air blast forces air out of the asphalts pores at an angle, creating a ‘peeling’ effect. This causes the debris to loosen from the asphalt and pass into the sweeper’s vacuum

Washing Porous asphalt

If the porous asphalt pavement surface of the parking lot has become significantly clogged to the point where the routine vacuum sweeping does not restore permeability, it may be necessary to wash the pavement. To clean your parking lot use a clean, low-pressure water wash, followed by immediate vacuuming. Low-pressure being the operative word in that sentence. Excessive pressure from the washing nozzle can drive contaminants further into the porous surface.

Proper maintenance of your adjacent landscaping will prevent soil washout onto your asphalt surface. In the case of soil washout, clean your pavement as soon as possible to prevent clogging of the pores. Another frequent cause of clogged asphalt is sand and abrasives used in the winter, for dealing with ice build-up. Instead, use deicing materials. Standard road salt is acceptable as a deicer.

If there is damage to the porous parking lot, non-porous patching mixes can be used to repair the damage – as long as the cumulative area repaired does not exceed 10 percent of the paved area. Larger areas should be patched with approved porous asphalt.

Are you in need of parking lot repair or maintenance? Are you thinking about repaving your parking lot? If so, call the paving experts at Hill Country Sealcoat to see if porous asphalt is a good solution for your commercial parking lot.

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